Kratom and Alcohol Combination | What to Consider and What to Skip

We all love kratom, and kratom loves us too! This newly emerged medicinal herb is doing wonders, especially for mood disorders, depression, social anxiety, and opioid dependence.

 It’s trendy to potentiate kratom with other options like grapefruit, caffeine, valerian root, cocoa, and many others. Mostly, regular alcohol users use kratom to get rid of their alcohol dependence. Now, most are finding ways for mixing kratom and alcohol, and the expected results are a bit ambiguous.

Many users say that having kratom before a beer shot lessens their alcohol consumption. Different bodies have altered comebacks to kratom that are sometimes poles apart, so you never know what the actual response would be for you.

This article will assist you in knowing all the likelihoods that you can expect by trying out this tricky combo of kratom and alcohol!

The Experiences of the Users for Combining Alcohol and Kratom

This lethal combo of kratom and alcohol has intense and heated discussions all around the web. Most of the users have concerns about the safety of mixing alcohol and kratom, while others want to know the subsequent effects.

We all are much aware of this fact that mixing alcohol with opioids brings out un-favorable results. Still, chemically, kratom is different from opioids (Both chemically and how it triggers the brain receptors), although it exhibits an opioid-like effect.

There is no research yet conducted to claim the consequences of combining kratom and alcohol.

If you are a regular user of Reddit, you must have been through the reviews related to alcohol and kratom combo.

Just like me, you must get confused about whether it’s a wise idea to make this combination because the results are pretty different and vary from person to person. For some, the experience was much satisfying, while others ended up vomiting in the flush.

Most of the official forums say that it is a dangerous combo and one should never try it.

Hence, you have to be cautious while making a kratom and alcohol mixture, and never forget that kratom is a sedative and alcohol is a legendary depressant, together they might make you end up in the emergency ward of the hospital.

Let’s look at the expected outcomes of mixing kratom and alcohol at low, medium, and high doses.

Remember, this review is based on the experiences of kratom users they have shared online, and do not have any scientific evidence.

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Level 1: Mixing Kratom and Alcohol at Low Dosages

After wide-ranging exploration of user reviews, I can assure you that there are no hazardous effects associated with combining kratom and alcohol when taken in “small” quantities.

You may experience the following effects at mixing low doses of kratom and alcohol:

  1. Uplifted mood
  2. Stimulation
  3. Positive experience
  4. Relaxation

We can conclude that at lower doses, alcohol helps with potentiating the effect of kratom and keeps you safe from adverse effects.

Level 2: Mixing Kratom and Alcohol at Medium Dosages

According to Dietary Guidelines for Americans (DGA), at moderate levels, women can take up to one alcoholic drink a day while men can take up to two alcoholic drinks a day.

Those users who had mixed kratom and alcohol at medium dosages had opposing experiences. For few, it was a far-fetched positive experience, and for others, it was the last thing they ever wanted to face on earth. Following are the reported adverse effects by the users:

  1. Nausea
  2. Lethargy
  3. Stomach cramps
  4. Dizziness
  5. Vomiting

Kratom is not packed with all the positive effects, and there are some negatives out there as well when taken in high amounts. Red Vein kratom strain is potent of all the strains, and mixing it with alcohol at high doses is not recommendable.

Level 3: Mixing Kratom and Alcohol at High Dosages

What do you expect? Something “alarming” right, that’s pretty well-thought! It should not even be the last thing you would ever do in your life.

Combining kratom and alcohol at high doses is like sitting on a floor full of pointy needles, knowing that the needles are right there under your pants, but still, you would like to sit and see what would happen!

Jokes apart, My dear reader, I did not see any review on the forums saying it’s a great combo, and one should go for it.

Every other user reported adverse effects because both kratom and alcohol are high-potency substances. You can imagine what results they both can execute together. The reported effects are:

  1. Severe feelings of nausea
  2. Faintness
  3. Strong headaches
  4. Hang-over-effect the following day

So, it is highly NOT recommended to take massive doses of kratom and alcohol. It can lead you to a ghostly dark hole, and coming back won’t be possible.

Safe Way of Consuming Kratom and Alcohol

If you are a naughty folk, and won’t step back even reading out the consequences, and would like to give it a try no matter what, then it is suggested to start with a minimal dose.

Take smaller doses of kratom with a similarly minor dose of alcohol. You can experiment on your own risk, but it is advisable to take teeny-tiny doses to prevent undesirable costs.

Once you get to know your bodily responses towards kratom and alcohol combination, you can safely consume it. But never go for higher doses. Just restrict to the smaller ones.

Many people use kratom for getting rid of alcohol dependence, and many people have reported that it helps them consume comparatively lesser shots of beer. Hence, kratom can be your best friend in this case.

In A Nut-Shell

Kratom is illegal in a few states, and you must research regarding its legality in your country before incorporating it with alcohol. Always go through reviews, at-least for your own sake before combining kratom and alcohol. It’s a big no-no to take the mixture of kratom and alcohol at higher dosages if you don’t want to die so early.

There is no “accurate” recipe for mixing kratom and alcohol. There are varying responses, with some consumers endorsing them and others regretting them.

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