Kratom doesn’t work on me. What am I doing wrong?

There are millions of kratom users in the United States today, and the number of online shops is also increasing rapidly. The raving reviews of kratom make it a popular organic supplement for numerous people who strive to get rid of pain and feel refreshed.

A fraction of the users feel or have felt at some point that kratom did not work for them. Are you one of them too? If yes, there’s a lot for you to learn! We will discuss some of the common reasons for no effect of kratom. You will be able to understand soon why people appreciate this natural substance for enhancing their moods and improving their lifestyle.

Kratom works through alkaloids. The Speciosa Mitragyna or kratom is rich in numerous alkaloids including Mitragynine and 7-hydroxy Mitragynine. These alkaloids interact with the opioid receptors in the brain and bring about chemical changes that bring the same effect as opiates.

Euphoria, better sleep, positive moods, fresh feeling, motivation, and energy are all the effects that users testify. If kratom does not work on an individual, it means that the alkaloids in the substance are not active. It may also imply that the alkaloids in kratom are not interacting with the receptors in an individual’s brain to bring about the effects commonly observed.


Change your kratom vendor

Out of the hundreds of online shops, local vendors, and smoke shops selling kratom, you must find the most reliable seller for your kratom feed. Kratom should be consumed fresh so that the alkaloids are active and productive. If you buy from a vendor who does not assure freshness, you should move on to another supplier.

The weed shops, smoke shops or head shops near you buy a stock of kratom and other substances and place them on shelves. As stock finishes, new batches are ordered for sales.

There is no decided shelf-life so it can be that the kratom you bought from a shop near you, was there for more than several months! Old kratom may be contaminated with fungus, moisture, and dust that may compromise the alkaloid impact.

Similarly, online shops that do not have transparent processing or do not practice ethical consumerism are not the best online shops in the United States for kratom. You must find a vendor that provides an insight into their procedures to manufacture fresh, potent, and effective kratom products.

How much is enough?

Dosage plays an integral part in the effects of kratom. Don't you feel any difference after consuming kratom? Try to adjust your dosage. Every individual reacts differently to any organic substance.

Regular users and vendors always suggest that if you start using kratom, begin with a small dose of one to two grams per day. Gradually increase your consumption until you start experiencing the effects that you desire.

Several people use kratom to feel motivated and energetic. Others may rely on kratom to reduce pain or discomfort. No matter what your reason for using kratom may be, the dose plays an essential part in bringing about desirable results.

An overdose of kratom may reverse the pleasure and stimulation of this substance as users complain of headache and other unwanted temporary side effects.

The best kratom strain?

There are many types of kratom, and all of them have unique properties. Individuals react differently to each type of this substance, so it is not as if you can ask a friend or another user about their kratom feed and use the same.

There may be different reasons for every user to consume kratom, and the strain used may have varying impacts too. So every potential user or regular kratom user must find the strain that caters to their needs.

Kratom or any natural substance is not ‘one size fits all’ so you have to do some research and find the kind of kratom that suits you most.

Identify the various strains and their effects, then pick out the one that suits your needs and can refresh you the way you want!

Changing kratom strains

 When you feel that your kratom feed isn’t helping the purpose, try using another strain. Sometimes when you use the same supplement for a health concern, it loses its efficacy over time. Changing kratom types that may address the health issue can help!

 Every kratom type has a unique chemical composition. Apart from the alkaloids that help achieve a motivated and happy daily routine, several other components impact your body functions. Changing kratom strains can help reduce ‘immunity’ to a particular type and will give the results you require!   

Does the time of consumption matter? 

Majority of us get up and drink coffee, or go for a run and come back to a hearty breakfast. If you consume kratom in the morning, is it after or before your breakfast? Ingesting kratom implies that you will feel the effect after the substance is digested and enters the bloodstream.

If you consume it on an empty stomach, it will get absorbed faster and might bring on a stronger impact. Similarly, if you have a hearty meal and then consume kratom, it might take longer for effects to show.

If you have been consuming kratom in the morning for sleep issues, it may not work as you are active during the day and may not take a yawn or a stretch too seriously! The impact of the kratom strain may be refreshing or tranquillizing, and you have to take it at a time that you need that effect. Shift your sleep cycle correction feed to night time!

Method of consumption

The most common methods of using kratom are powder, tea, capsules and extracts. Some of these methods of consumption may suit you while others can be a slow way of letting the impact set in.

However, you must find the process that provides quick and long-lasting effects so you can feel refreshed for long.

Some people feel that kratom tea is the best way to consume the substance. They think that it suits them and gives a tranquillizing and soothing effect. Similarly, many users suggest wash and toss, which means to take kratom powder with a glass of water to wash it down.

Out of all the products, there is no ‘best method to consume kratom’ as every individual feels the impact differently. You can try various modes of administration to find the one that suits you so you can feel a difference in everyday life.


If you feel that kratom is not working for you, there are a few factors to ensure so that you can maximize your experience. Kratom is a natural substance that works differently on individuals and therefore, it is essential to find the most suitable strain, which is used in a way that makes the experience worthwhile.

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