Kratom Drug Test: All you need to know

The phone beeps, and you receive a message saying, “My dear employees, we are going to conduct a drug test coming Monday; have a happy weekend”.

Suddenly you start getting nervous, the sweat begins to mount up on your forehead, and the excitement about the weekend turns into horrifying imagery. Why so?

Because you are a regular kratom user and you are afraid the drug test might put your job at stake. Take it easy, my dear reader; this article will help you to know if the drug test can detect kratom consumption.  

Let’s see what is there to reveal!

Kratom (Mitragyna Speciosa) and Drug Testing

Drug tests are standard in every organization. They make sure none of the employees are involved in drugs that can be critical for both employees and the organization.

These drugs include marijuana, cocaine, benzodiazepines, opioids, which are illegal to use. On the other hand, kratom is not a banned substance, it has legality issues in some states, and soon with the help of the Kratom Consumer Protection Act, it will be legal in these states as well.

Kratom drug testing is performed rarely because kratom recently got famous in the US and other regions, more like a medicinal herb, not a drug. But there are few exceptions everywhere, and particular organizations might run drug tests for it.

Is Kratom Detectable in a Drug Test?

After considering most of the reviews and researches, I would say, MOST of the time it is not detectable. But in a few cases, the drug test might push the buzzer for kratom traces. The kratom’s detection in the drug test entirely depends upon how long the kratom stays in your body. Have a look at the factors mentioned-below! 

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How Long Would Kratom Stay in my Body?

Before getting into the details of drug testing for kratom, you should know the factors that predict the presence of kratom in your body. If you eliminate these, you are going to ace the results of the drug test.

  • Age and Body Weight: Metabolic rates tend to be slower in older people than younger ones, and the kratom processing might take more time. Moreover, kratom is soluble in fat, which suggests that kratom will take time to leave the fat body rather than learner one. So if you are old enough and have a massive body structure, then it’s a big no-no to take kratom if your company is going to conduct a kratom drug test any time sooner.

Tip: You may fake the drug test by exercising vigorously and drinking plenty of water. It can be helpful to eliminate the kratom traces from your body.

  • Mode of Administration and Dosage

You experience long-lasting effects by consuming larger doses. On the downside, it can become problematic for you because larger doses tend to provide a more comprehensive detection window for the drug, and you may get positive on the kratom drug test.

Moreover, if you consume kratom orally, in the form of capsule, powder, or tea, it may stay in your body for a long time. Smoking kratom does not leave the traces for a longer time, but it is comparatively uncommon to smoke kratom.

  • Kratom Strains

You know that kratom is not a single substance; it comes in various types and strains. Green vein kratom can stay more than eight hours in your body, while white vein kratom will take several hours to leave your body.

  • Routine Diet

You can create a shorter detection window for the kratom drug test by consuming it on an unfilled stomach. On the other hand, if you take kratom with food loaded in fat content, it is likely to create a broader detection window for the kratom drug test.

What are the Drug Testing Methods for Kratom?

  • Urine Drug Test for Kratom

The analysis of urine is the most practiced drug test for kratom’s presence. It can trace the drug’s existence for up to six hours once ingested. Moreover, it can spot the traces for up to nine days.

  • Blood Drug Test for Kratom Surprisingly, blood drug tests are rarely performed for kratom’s presence. But if ever they are used, they can identify the kratom’s existence several days once ingested.
  • Hair Drug Test for Kratom The examination of hair follicles provides a broader detection window for kratom’s presence, occasionally till the 90th day of ingestion.

The research carried out on athletes also claims that kratom can show up on a drug test.

Does Kratom Shows the False-Positive Effect?

The most notorious and practiced drug test is Urine Drug Test. This drug test has a high level of sensitivity and is prone to reveal a false positive effect. A false-positive will pop up if the drug test is positive for a specific drug that you have not used.

False-positive can take place due to numerous factors, like taking a particular supplement before the kratom drug test, or even consuming poppy seeds can be a significant threat to false-positive for opiates. For eradicating this issue, it is obligatory to conduct other tests like Gas Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry.

The kratom’s primary alkaloid Mitragynine does not create the false-positive effect if you do not consume any other drug or supplement before the drug test. 

It is better to inform the person who is carrying out the drug test if you are already on medications for a particular issue.

In A Nut Shell

If taking kratom is legal in your state, then you don’t have to worry about your drug test. Unfortunately, if you live in a country where kratom is illegal, you have to be careful about the drug test, and I recommend you avoiding taking kratom for a week.

Although kratom is not a drug but many people abuse it because it makes you experience opioid-like effects, which is why it is banned in some countries. However, its chemical makeup is entirely different from opioids.

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