Replacing Dexamphetamine with Kratom?

Today more than a million people rely on medicines to alleviate pain and reduce discomfort. The health issues that constrict a healthy lifestyle and cause discomfort to compel people to use high-degree drugs, so their work and life commitments are not hindered.

However, in the long run, these medications have adverse effects and, therefore, are not a feasible option. This is where organic supplements and substances enter the market as alternatives to active medicines. Kratom is an excellent substance due to its inherent pain-relief quality.

It is essential to mention that there is very little scientific research to support the hypothesis that kratom alleviates pain. However, users’ experiences and their stories of success testify that this substance does have a positive impact on pain and discomfort. People share their experiences about kratom in comparison to medicine like dexamphetamine.

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What is Dexamphetamine?

The prescription medicine with amphetamine as the base compound is used by millions of people today. People who tackle with attention deficit, hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and narcolepsy are well-acquainted with dexamphetamine. It is a drug that stimulates the senses and enhances cognitive performance.

Athletes and people requiring alertness at work consume this medicine for stimulation and perking the nervous system. It has been successfully reducing lack of focus, alertness, and concentration span, which makes it a suitable regular intake drug for people who struggle with sleep, attention deficit, and concentration issues.

This drug is successful for athletes and people who need stimulation, but it has several long-term side effects that may hamper body functions or compromise lifestyle. Some of the side effects of dexamphetamine include

  • Cardiovascular adversity.
  • Hypertension
  • Erectile dysfunction.
  • Nausea.
  • Abdominal pain, and many more.

There are several psychological side effects as well, and these may obstruct a healthy lifestyle in more than one way!

Taking kratom for stimulation

Kratom is a Southeast Asian tree that is rich in alkaloids and terpenes. The effect of these components of kratom is that it stimulates the senses and ensures an active and energized effect to help you with work, sports, or any other activity that requires alertness and focus. 

Another attractive feature of kratom is that it enhances moods, making people optimistic, and ready to face the challenges of everyday routine. Kratom is distinguished in several types, based on the color of the leaf vein and area of origin.

Some kratom types may be more stimulating and invigorating than others, and this gives users a choice of the intensity they require. If you need slight stimulation, you can use a green vein kratom variety. Otherwise, you can even choose red vein kratom for alertness and increased focus.

However, it is pertinent to mention that dosage plays an essential part in getting desired results and avoiding adverse effects. The side effects of kratom are discomfort and temporary nausea, headache, and pain. However, with a measured dosage, these side effects may be avoided altogether.

Users are an integral source of information about the effects of kratom. You can find hundreds of reviews of people claiming that kratom can help overcome anxiety, laziness, nervousness, and increases focus. Due to this effect, it can be an impactful alternative to dexamphetamine.

Some concerns of the users about replacing kratom with dexamphetamine are that they cannot consult their doctor about it, or they experiment with various kratom strains before finding the right one for themselves.

Another primary concern is that users feel that if they need a drug test, it might come positive after kratom consumption.

We will briefly address these concerns to appease kratom users who might add to their anxiety with these issues!

  • If you live in the United States, consuming kratom is something that you can discuss with your doctor. It is a legal substance and does not need to be camouflaged or hidden from your medical practitioner. The doctor might help you find the right strain, and may even give some tips on how to maximize effects with the help of other organic and natural substances.
  • Finding the right strain is not a difficult task as you can learn about the significant effects of each strain from the experience of other regular users. Kratom users and the American Kratom Association provides enough matter to study and understand how kratom works, and what should be your first choice according to the effects that you seek. You can find reviews, experiences, and even prudent advice on various social media pages, which help narrow down your search for the best kratom strain for focus and energy.
  • Drug tests have now become a necessary step in several career paths. Sportspeople require drug test clearance, and therefore, taking kratom might become a challenge for them if they are unaware. Some kratom types might show a positive drug test result due to the presence of certain alkaloids in their blood. However, if you do not consume kratom for a week before the test, you will have nothing to worry about! Kratom is not an illegal substance, but it might interfere with the blood test that proves the consumption of drugs. Users are always advised to discontinue usage for at least a week to remove all alkaloids from the body systems.

Regular Kratom intake and immunity

Another essential issue to discuss is the reduction of effects over a long period. Kratom users often complain that the effect of kratom reduces when they start consuming it regularly. This reduction in intensity results in increasing the dose, which might not be suitable for everyone.

The best way to deal with this issue is to:

  • Rotate kratom types: You can find more than one type of kratom that increases energy and stimulates the senses. The best way to consume kratom for a consistent lifestyle is to keep alternating between the various types of this substance. 
  • Potentiators: Numerous organic materials can stimulate and refresh the nervous system. These substances, when added to kratom, can help achieve desired results with a smaller dose! Lemon, turmeric, pepper, ginger, and cinnamon are some of the famous potentiators that people use to accentuate and enhance the effects of their favorite kratom strain. 
  • Blends of kratom: More than one type of kratom, with similar results, may be used together as a blend to increase the duration of impact and to experience a stronger effect. These blends are readily available and can be made at home according to your personal needs. Every user must know their kratom strains well to find the perfect combination so that they get the desired results in a shorter time but for more extended periods.