Where to buy Kratom in Canada?

Being one of the most progressive countries in terms of substance use, it is not surprising that the use of natural alternatives to modern medicine is increasing in Canada day by day.

In Canada, Kratom is mostly being used to alleviate pain caused by cancer and other chronic pain ailments. Kratom is a go-to relief for diseases such as arthritis and even psychological illnesses like depression in Canada. Mitragyna has been used to lessen opioid addiction and has several associated benefits.

Are you looking for a good Kratom vendor in Canada? We are here to help. Finding an ideal Kratom vendor can be a very daunting task since there are various factors to consider when choosing one.

From online sellers to offline retailers, there are a lot of choices to choose from, and without the right information, one might make an undesirable choice.

We've collected every bit of information you would need to buy the best Kratom in Canada.

Legality of Kratom in Canada:

  • Is Kratom Legal in Canada?

The very first question to ask when buying any substance is about its legal status within your country and to be even more specific, your state.

When it comes to Canada, the legal status of Kratom is ambiguous and subject to change as the debate over whether it should be allowed continues.

  • The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA):

According to the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada, which are the two entities governing controlled substances, sustained use of Kratom can be addictive.

They also claim that Kratom, if consumed in high doses, can result in effects similar to Morphine. Given these claims and the strong opposition from CFIA and Health Canada, there is no set in stone policy with regards to Kratom.

  • Is it banned?

At the same time, due to the changing worldwide conception of Kratom and its legality in 90% of the states in the U.S, Kratom is not banned in Canada. The possession and consumption of Kratom are entirely legal in Canada. The ambiguity, however, steps in when it comes to the sale of Kratom.

Under Health Canada, Kratom is a herbal product that can pose serious health risks if inhaled or swallowed with side effects ranging from rapid heartbeat to seizures and toxicity.

Due to this, although Kratom is a natural health product, its sale for internal use is not authorized by Health Canada.

This means that Kratom's sale for consumption is not legal in Canada. Any person selling Kratom for consumption can be prosecuted and may face criminal charges. The grey area that exists within this is what allows for the consumption of Kratom in Canada.

Vendors and retailers can still sell Kratom, but they have to label their products with ‘Not for Human Consumption.’ To sell Kratom for consumption Health Canada and CFIA need to authorize it, which hasn't happened as of yet.

  • Penalty?

If a vendor is selling kratom that has not been specifically labeled "Not for Human Consumption," the authorities have the right to seize that product, and the vendor is persecuted accordingly.

What to consider when buying Kratom in Canada?

Buying Kratom isn't as simple as going out and bringing home what you fancied at first sight. There are some essential considerations you should make when purchasing Kratom to make sure you get the right product that is also safe to consume. 

Is the product lab-tested?

Lab-tests are essential to ascertain the safety of consumption of such products. Any right Kratom vendor would have all of his/her products tested by a 3rd party for contaminants, metals, and other impurities. Purity Kratom has also gone the extra mile to give its customers access to these test results if they need it.


We strongly believe that any vendor worth his/her salt will not compromise on the quality of the products for any reason. It is, however, difficult to gauge quality without testing the products first.

This is why, unlike most vendors, we offer free test samples to help you decide if you want to buy from us. It is advised that you look for vendors that also provide free test samples so that you may get the most desirable product.

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Which strain to get?

This is one of the most confusing things to do for new consumers of Kratom. Different Kratom strains have different effects and are used for distinct purposes. Test samples make it further easy for you to test the various strains and find the ideal one.

In addition to that, you can research for yourself and figure out which strain clicks with you. While the red Bali strain is the most potent strain and arguably the best, the Green Malay and Maeng Da are more popular amongst the people.

Which form of Kratom do I need?

This is entirely up to the consumer as he/she decides which form of Kratom is best suited for them. Kratom is available in the form of capsules, tablets, powder, liquid extracts, and even tea.

The concentration and potency will vary from type to type, but you can test out the various forms and find one which is best suited to your taste and satisfaction.

Organic or Synthetic?

This question only has one answer, which is organic. Synthetic Kratom or even synthetic CBD is extremely dangerous and very harmful for your health. This is why it is advised to always opt for organic, natural products as synthetic ones may cause nausea, vomiting, seizures, and other negative impacts on your health.


Naturally, affordability will always be a concern when making any purchase. This is especially true for Kratom as to use it successfully for a treatment you would need sustained use.

Consequently, it is best to compare the prices for Kratom products that different vendors offer. Purity Kratom makes sure that all of its products are reasonably priced to get more and more people to experience the high-quality Kratom we provide.

Where should I get Kratom from in Canada?

You have two broad avenues of acquiring Kratom in general. You can either choose to buy it offline from a local vendor in your vicinity or order it from an online seller.

Both methods have their own set of pros and cons, although the online purchase is generally considered to be the better option and for a good reason.

  • Offline Kratom:

Offline purchases can be made through gas station shops, retail stores, vape shops, and smoke shops.

In Canada, however, acquiring Kratom offline is mostly going to be through exclusive retailers due to the no sale for consumption restriction. This minimizes some of the risks involved with buying offline, but not all of them.

Most importantly, the quality and safety of the products sold offline is questionable in a lot of instances. This is because they can be tampered with and, in most cases, are not tested.

At the same time, prices at offline vendors are also comparatively higher than online sellers.

It might seem easier to just walk to the nearest retailer to get what you need rather than ordering it and waiting, but you will likely be compromising on quality for accessibility.

  • Online Kratom:

When it comes to online sellers, you get a lot more guarantees, whether it be regarding quality or safety. If you want an online vendor with a wide variety of Kratom products at reasonable prices, then Purity Kratom, and Supernatural Botanicals is perfect for you.

All of our products are tested for contaminants and impurities, and we prioritize the quality of our products above anything else.

If you choose to go to an offline vendor, however, you should be wary of which vendor you go to. It is desirable to go to an exclusive Kratom retailer rather than a smoke shop or gas station as they are more trustworthy.

At the same time, always make sure that the products you are purchasing are authorized for sale by Health Canada and CFIA. It's best not to find yourself in the middle of an unnecessary legal mess.

What does the future of Kratom in Canada look like?

The heated debate surrounding Kratom is likely to continue for some time as organizations like the CFIA and Health Canada continuously refuse to authorize the sale of Kratom. They stand by their claims of Kratom displaying opioid-like properties, and it is addictive.

However, the silver lining is that none of these claims are backed up by actual research. No study or scientific evidence has been furnished, which conclusively proves that Kratom is similar to Morphine or Heroine.

This is precisely why even after this strong opposition from these organizations, there is not a complete ban on the sale of Kratom and no prohibition on its possession and consumption.

Another reason for the comparatively favorable legal status of Kratom are studies that prove a distinction between Kratom and other drugs. Research has shown that Kratom is 60 times less intense than medications like Morphine and heroine.

Even though there is a lot of ambiguity surrounding the legal status of Kratom, one thing is for sure; its current legal status is not permanent.

As the two sides supporting and opposing Kratom clash, one is bound to gain more support and change the legal status of Kratom to either a complete ban or more flexible legality with the sale for human consumption allowed.

As more and more studies and researches surrounding Kratom spring up, it won't be long before one side makes a final point to change the legal status of Kratom.

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