Why You Should & Should Not Go For Kratom Capsules.

From powders to resins, tinctures to oils, kratom comes in various forms. Some have a preference for mixing the powder in water or juice; others would like to have a hot cup of kratom tea.

Kratom enthusiasts are now finding ways to learn if it is feasible for them to consume their “legal high” in the form of kratom capsules without compromising on the un-matchable effects and benefits.

To everyone reading this out there, if you step back once that bitter taste hits your tongue or the smell makes you sniff, you can make a shift to kratom capsules considering all the seven pros and cons I am going to mention in this article. Let’s see if kratom capsules are what you are strolling around for.

Why You Should Use Kratom Capsules:

Kratom Capsules, A Time Saver

If you use kratom regularly, you must know that it is not a game of a few minutes to prepare it. It’s a time taking process, especially when you measure it and mix it in a juice or any other solvent of your choice. Even preparing kratom tea will take 30-40 minutes.

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Good-Bye to the Spills

If you spill your kratom every time you take it out from the storage area, kratom capsules are here to solve the issue. Kratom capsules have a gelatin layer that protects the kratom powder. So if you feel guilty about spilling your precious herb, go for kratom capsules.

Bitter is Not “Bitter” Anymore

Although kratom has a bitter taste but its after-effects are not bitter at all. Considering the later part, few may not bother about the taste and enjoy the results, but some others might have to put a lot of effort.

Kratom capsules are the best option in this scenario. Kratom capsule won’t let that bitter taste hit you, and you will feel those million-dollar effects as well.

Easy to Measure

You cannot have your kratom dosage without precisely measuring it. You have to be specific with the dose because high doses might lead to situations you never expected. Kratom capsules have measured doses of kratom, so you do not have to worry about the accurate measurements.

1..2…3 and Swallowing is Done

According to many reviews, swallowing kratom capsules is more comfortable than consuming kratom powder. The bitter taste often makes you cough and stick to your throat.

On the other hand, the gelatin capping does not let the powder develop contact with your body until it melts in the stomach.

Kratom Capsules Are Much Handy

Have you ever been in a situation where using kratom powder was as tricky as taking home-made popcorns to the cinema for a movie?

Heck, you must be stranded! It is not difficult, but I would rather say “challenging” to take your kratom dose, especially when you are in a subway, traveling in an airplane, hitting a pool party, or attending a “serious” lecture in a college.

In situations like these, taking a kratom capsule from your pocket and having it would be much handy.

No Hitches with Storage

Just read out this storage guide, and you will hold your ears because there are many factors to consider for storing kratom. Kratom capsules are already meeting the conditions vital for the storage, so there is no responsibility left on your end.

Why You Should Not Use Kratom Capsules

The effect may come up late

As you know, capsules have a coating, which upon ingestion breaks down in the stomach. Once the layer melts, kratom powder starts interacting with the body. You see, it’s a bit time taking, and you may feel a delay in experiencing the effects.

High price tag

Kratom capsules tend to be costly. Don’t get alarmed; there are some particular reasons behind such a high price tag. If you put in more workforce, resources, time, and energy to produce a specific product, you are going to sell it at a higher price as compared to the one which hardly needed any of your efforts, so similar is the case here.

Not appropriate for higher doses

From relieving pain to putting off depression, Kratom users take their daily doses for multiple reasons. If you are also one of these users, you might have to consume many tablets to reduce the problem.

More capsules mean more gelatin, and consequently, your stomach will get upset (because of gelatin, not kratom).

If you are taking a bigger kratom capsule, you may experience gag reflux. One cannot swallow such a big pill through such a narrow food pipe.

Shortage of Availability

Selling kratom powder is a common thing, but selling kratom capsules is not an ordinary task. Only a few vendors sell kratom capsules.

Your go-to kratom brand might have the best kratom powders, but you may have to watch for another vendor for kratom capsules.

Moreover, you might not get your “much loved” kratom strain in the form of a capsule as fewer strains have the capsule form of the kratom.

May tease your stomach

Kratom capsules can give a tough time to your stomach. The gelatin coating tends to expand in the abdomen by absorbing water. There are obvious chances of bloating, heaviness, cramps, and heartburn.

On the other hand, those who have gelatin allergy should never consume kratom capsules, except the vegetarian ones.

You Never Know, The Capsule Might Be Contaminated

Does that scare you? That’s true, there are some cases where vendors have contaminated the kratom capsules, and people faced the consequences. What you can do is to never compromise on QUALITY of your kratom capsule.

Always, and by that, I mean “ALWAYS” purchase from a GMP qualified trusted vendor, who will never take quality for granted.

Kratom Capsule May Burdenize Your Kidneys and Stomach

When you take more capsules, your kidneys and stomach would have to work 2x times for breaking, absorbing, and excreting the gelatin. Hence maintain a healthy diet, so this high content of gelatin does not bother you.

DISCLAIMER ALERT: People with underlying issues of kidneys and stomach should NOT consume these gelatin-coated kratom capsules.


Kratom capsules have many positives, but on the downside, it has some negatives as well. Never forget to research out before shifting to kratom capsules and be cautious if you experience anything strange.

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