Ultra White Horn Powder
Ultra White Horn Powder
Ultra White Horn Powder
Ultra White Horn Powder

Ultra White Horn Powder

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Energy, Motivation, Relief, Focus

Our “ULTRA” White Horn Kratom is named so because of the horned tips of the leaf which it comes from. White Horn is a very “High Energy” Kratom and will be one of the most… if not the most stimulating Kratom Strains available.

It offers energy, motivation and has mild pain relief qualities. Users find this great as an aid to getting through long days of work or for strenuous workouts or other physically demanding tasks.

Users report feeling happy, centered and full of energy and focus when taking our “Ultra” White Horn Kratom. A large number of people are using this strain as a “Pre Workout” formula before workouts to help encourage long and productive sessions.

Users find that it’s also great for social outings and when a high amount of mental clarity is needed. The best dosing for White Horn has been reported to be 2.5-5 grams up to 2x per day.

The duration of the effect is between 3-5 hours depending on the dose. Always start with  low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros - Extremely Stimulating, High Energy and Focus, Combats Lethargy and Fatigue, Uplifts Mood and Sense of Well Being
Cons - Nauseating at High Doses, Low Pain Relief, Does Not Provide Relaxation

  • Finely Ground From Very Mature Trees (10 + Years Old)
  • Responsibly Harvested and Dried For Best Results
  • Milling Under Strict Guidelines
  • Freshness and Potency 100% Guaranteed For Best Results

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