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BLISS Kratom Extract Shot 10ml

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Kratom Extract Shot:
BLISS “Ultra” kratom extract shot Liquid is made with a “Proprietary Extraction Process.” This creates and environment in which the highest yield of active Kratom Alkaloids can be distilled. It is because of this unique process that we are able to achieve extreme potency and the signature “BLISSFUL” effect.

BLISS Extracts are extremely clean and unlike other extract formulas, use no chemicals during the extraction process. Because of this the Kratom Extract has a “Natural Earthy” taste which can seem bitter. The benefit to this is zero crash, long-term mood and focus enhancement, energy, wellness and a feeling of absolute BLISS.

Pros: Fast Acting, Strong Effect, No Crash, Wellness, Mood Support, Relief
Cons: Earthy Strong Kratom Taste, To Powerful for Novice Kratom Users, Bitter Taste