Ultra Green Elephant Powder
Ultra Green Elephant Powder
Ultra Green Elephant Powder
Ultra Green Elephant Powder

Ultra Green Elephant Powder

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Anxiety Relief, Mood Support

Ultra Green Elephant Kratom is named after the large “Elephant Ear” like leaves that are highly stimulating and moderately euphoric. Users will feel heightened energy and well being.

Some will also notice an increase in focus and mental clarity. Most people find that energy delivery is clean and smooth rather than anxious and uncomfortable.

Users will also experience mild pain relief although not as potent as some of the other Kratom strains. The green strain offers clean energy that is “Middle of The Road” when compared to the “White Strains.”

Moderate dosing of 3-5 grams up to 2x per day has been reported as common by our users. Duration of effect is 2-3 hours. Always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros - Energy, Mood Enhancement, Energy and Focus, Not Overstimulating
Cons - Not a Strong Pain Reliever. Can Cause Nausea and Disorientation at High Doses

  • Finely Ground From Very Mature Trees (10 + Years Old)
  • Responsibly Harvested and Dried For Best Results
  • Milling Under Strict Guidelines
  • Freshness and Potency 100% Guaranteed For Best Results

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