Ultra Super Green Borneo Powder
Ultra Super Green Borneo Powder
Ultra Super Green Borneo Powder
Ultra Super Green Borneo Powder

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Ultra Super Green Borneo Powder

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Mental Balance, Well Being, Groovy Mood

Our “ULTRA” Super Green Borneo Kratom originates in Southeast Asia and is an extremely balanced Strain. This means that it will provide the user with a very “middle of the road” feeling.

This is a great strain for daytime use or as a substitute for caffeine or coffee. It works relatively fast to help improve focus, drive and mental stamina.

Users report an overall feeling of “Well Being” with notable energy and clarity. This strain is usually used at around a dose of 2.5-5g up to 2x per day for best effects. Always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros - Calmness and Balanced Feeling, Long Acting, Not Extremely Strong
Cons - Not a Strong Pain Reliever, May Not Be Stimulating Enough For Some, Nausea at High Doses

  • Finely Ground From Very Mature Trees (10 + Years Old)
  • Responsibly Harvested and Dried For Best Results
  • Milling Under Strict Guidelines
  • Freshness and Potency 100% Guaranteed For Best Results
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