Ultra White Malay Powder
Ultra White Malay Powder
Ultra White Malay Powder
Ultra White Malay Powder

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Ultra White Malay Powder

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Concentration, Focus, Mood, Social

Our “ULTRA” White Malay Kratom is invigorating, stimulating and quite well rounded for daily use. However, its greatest use is shown in its ability to produce a mood-enhancing and euphoric effect within moments of use.

Our users report a sense of joy, happiness and productivity within minutes of use. It also produces bodily warmth and a feeling of comfort. Although it is a white strain, it’s not the strongest White Kratom strain in terms of stimulation.. in fact it’s actually quite subtle in its energy enhancement.

This is great for those who may want a nice steady stream of energy but not something that could be considered “overstimulating.” Users report mild analgesic properties as well that can help with daily activities that involved repetitive use of muscles, tendons and joints.

This is a great “Office Kratom” for those who work in that type of setting. Overall this is a very clean strain and would be a great “starter” Kratom for someone who is using the herb for the first time.

Duration of effect is about 3-5 hours depending on dose. Typical dosage has been reported at 3-6 grams up to 2x per day. Always start with a low dose to assess tolerance.

Pros - Produces Euphoria/Joy and Warmth, Elevates Mood and Sociability, Mild Stimulant, Great For First Time Users
Cons - Less Stimulating Than Other White Strains, Low Analgesic Properties and Not as Sedating as Other Strains.

  • Finely Ground From Very Mature Trees (10 + Years Old)
  • Responsibly Harvested and Dried For Best Results
  • Milling Under Strict Guidelines
  • Freshness and Potency 100% Guaranteed For Best Results

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